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How the Financial System Lets Down the Various Groups of Stakeholders

In recent years, the financial system has come under heavy criticism, especially in the wake of the financial meltdown of 2008 which ruined many lives. It has been asserted that the financial system is a major let down to the various groups of stakeholders. What I am going to present below, then, is a synopsis of the arguments made to support the ‘fact’ that the financial system is a major… Read Article →

Four Groups of People Who Feel That They Have Been Let Down by the Government

The government likes to present itself as the guarantor of all things that are good. In that regard, the government presents itself as the guarantor of peace, prosperity, security, equity, the rule of law, human rights, democracy… and all such things. Given that background then, it comes as a surprise to learn that there are actually some groups of people who feel greatly aggrieved by the government. In other words,… Read Article →

Three Ways in Which Students are Let Down by the Educational System

Recently, I caught myself reflecting on the educational system, and how well it serves the various groups of stakeholders. It then occurred to me that the educational system does let down the students in significant ways. I identified at least three ways in which the educational system often lets down the students. Firstly, I came to realize that the educational system lets down the students when it fails to impart… Read Article →